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Do you have Solar Panels on your roof?  Are you one of the thousands of homes that have recently had their feed in tariff cut? Are you frustrated with knowing that while you are at work, your panels are generating wasted power?  Ask us how you can utilise your power throughout the day and minimise your electricity bill.

We supply and install high quality grid connect, hybrid and off grid Solar on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas.


Suncoast Electrical specialises in designing Solar Power systems matched with energy efficient lighting, tariffs and living to offset rising electricity prices.  Whether this be a grid connect system, an off grid system or the best of both worlds using a hybrid system.

Suncoast Electrical has the knowledge and the skills required to design a system that will have a positive impact on your bank balance for years to come.

Grid connect Solar Systems have now lost momentum due to smaller feed in tariff rates from the Queensland Government and Energy providers.  However, this does not mean you are unable to benefit from Solar Systems.   

For a no obligation design and quotation for your property, please contact our specialist team.

Call us at:  07 5450 0956  or e-mail us at: info@suncoastelectrical.com.au NOW to know more about the supply and installation of Solar Power and Panels, electrical & lighting services and air conditioning.